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How do you spell…..? March 25, 2010

Posted by twinsunplus1 in Digital Natives, Education, Technologies.

My own children are in second grade and Pre-Kindergarten.  With the second grader we are in our second year of spelling tests.   Spelling does not come naturally to them.

We have tried LOTS of techniques–flashcards, repetition, writing, crying, yelling, more flashcards.  All of these usually ended with someone crying…and not always the second grader….   Then, our lives changed.  We found Spelling City.  

Spelling City is an online spelling resource.  Parents and teachers can import spelling lists OR they can use pre-established lists.  There is  “teach me”, “test me” or “play a game”.   The visual and audio component is a great new technique to add to the study skills. 

We have been using Spelling City for a few weeks now and I have to say, from my vantage as a parent, I LOVE IT!    My second graders can work independently on the words and take responsibility for their work.   If you are a parent or teacher with students who are struggling with their spelling, I encourage you to visit spelling city.

Name: Spelling City

Cost: Free Version & Membership Version

Pros: Allows for independent work, can print selected activities to work offline,

Cons: Selected activities cannot be printed, adds to student screen time. 

Digital Native Rating:  4 out of 5 .




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